Wasteland Knife Experimentation

For my new foamsmithing book, one of the worked demonstrations I'll be doing is a wasteland themed knife. This knife will be able to show the basics of making a close combat weapon, as well as creating wood and rust and other different textures.

Before I started documenting the progress of the final design, I thought it best to try it out first, so I made a knife to experiment with.
Completed test wasteland knife
Finished trial knife

Overall, I'm not too upset with how it turned out, however there are a few modifications I'd make in the future (as well as fix up a few things).

The reason the knife was an experimentation was not only because I wanted to try it before making the final one, but I also wanted to try some new things (gotta get crazy sometimes!).


Probably the most important new idea I did was making the blade from 3mm foam. For blades, I've usually made them of 8mm foam, totaling a thickness of 16mm (for two sheets). However, since the blade of the knife is small, I thought I'd give a thinner blade a shot, making the total thickness 6mm. I used a wooden skewer as the support in the blade/handle. Surprisingly enough, it turned out well for this shape, however for anything larger, thicker foam will likely need to be used.

Wasteland knife blade
Blade of the wasteland knife

Wooden handle

This time to achieve a wooden texture, I decided to use SKS Prop's technique he used for his Metro trench knife. It was easy to achieve and turned out quite well, for a first attempt. I'll need to work on using some more contrasting colours to make the texture pop out, though - at the moment, it's looking pretty dull.

Brass D-guard

I wanted the knife to have a D-guard so that the design wasn't too simple. I wanted to try and make it look like brass, so that the knife would look like it was made up of different materials (not just one metal), better fitting the wasteland theme. While the texture and colour looks alright, I think the brass makes it look more Steampunk than wasteland, so I'll probably stick with a rusted, silver metal.

Because I was in a bit of a rush to finish off this knife, there was one thing I forgot to do; add the serrated edge. This knife is inspired by a combat knife, which commonly have serrated edge(s). In my haste to finish this... I accidentally missed this step before I sealed it. I'm usually quite patient, but I just couldn't wait to finish it off!

Wasteland knife assembly
Construction progress of the knife, with the template below
So as you can see, while it didn't turn out too badly, there's a lot to learn from and fix up in the future. I'll keep tinkering and experimenting with the design while also working on the other two for the book, which hopefully I'll be able to share soon!

Have any feedback, questions or comments? Please let me know below!

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