Halo: Combat Evolved Marine Cosplay Update

My major cosplay this year will be a marine soldier from a childhood classic, Halo: Combat Evolved.

It'll be my most complex cosplay yet, as this is my first time making a set of armour, so I'm super excited! Full progress of this build can be followed along here on the 405th, the site for all Halo related builds and projects.

So far I've done the bulk of the helmet, shoulder guards, bracers, chestplate and upper thigh guards. At the moment I'm building the basic shape of each part, then continously refining them as I go along. While the shape and details of the armour are quite simple (being a game from 2001), most of the detail will be in the paint job.

Here are a few shots of progress so far:

Halo Combat Evolved Marine cosplay helmet

Halo Combat Evolved Marine cosplay chestplate, hip and thigh guards
Chestplate, hip and thigh guards

Halo Combat Evolved Marine cosplay shoulder guards and bracers
Shoulder guards and bracers

Halo Combat Evolved Marine Cosplay Reference Image
The Halo: Combat Evolved Marine. Credit to Jubal (405th) for the reference image

Progress has been kind of slow, with normal life stuff, plus making patterns takes a long time and is a skill I really need to work on! In fact, I've been trying to build the backpack, but the geometry just isn't working, so I'll have to fiddle with those patterns even more.
Keep checking back here, my Instagram or Facebook for more updates, or follow the build thread here on the 405th.

Have any feedback, questions or comments? Please let me know below!

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