Oz Comic Con Brisbane 2019 and Marine Update

Ah, Oz Comic Con - what an awesome weekend! The amosphere was beautiful, with the Convention Center filled with crazy and wonderful people. It was great to spend both days with my big fandom family.

Here are some of the amazing cosplays I saw over the two days:
Indiana Jones from... Indiana Jones

Wastelander from Fallout

Spartan from Halo

Civil Protection from Half Life 2

Lieutenant Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist. @dsa_cosplay

Zero and Suzaku from Code Geass. @lagginglegionarecosplay and @hitoracosplay

Spartan from Halo. @firecream_cosplay

The Hecklers from the Muppers

And here are some shots my friend took of my Halo: Combat Evolved Marine cosplay. Of course, it's still a work in progress, and more detail of the work done on it can be seen on the 405th here. The assault rifle is still in construction too and can be seen here.

Thanks to everyone there - artists and shop owners, convention staff and volunteers, center staff and of course attendents - for a heck of a weekend! Can't wait to see people again at Supa Nova.

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