Halo 3 (Mostly) Recycled Flood Infection Form

Halo 3 Flood Infection Form Prop

Because I've done a lot of foamsmithing, I've had scrap foam laying around for a while now. Over last semester, I got an itch to make something, and since I couldn't order in any new foam, I decided to challenge myself to use the scraps I had. That challenge was a Halo 3 Flood Infection Form.

The full build thread can be found on the 405th here. In short though, I took some scrap alfoil that was meant to be used to create the leg pattern for the Grunt puppet. With a bit of shaping, it gave a great profile for the flood form. I used duct tape to make the patterns for the layers, then cut these from 8mm foam. All these parts were hot glued to the alfoil, with 3mm foam being used for thinner areas. The legs and "tentacles" were layered 8mm and 12mm foam that were rounded, and the "tendrils" are 1mm foam cut into shape and sealed before attaching. Using contact cement, everything was glued into place.

Halo 3 Flood Infection Form Prop

Foam Clay was then added to the crevices and along the bottom edges to clean it up, as well as a lot to the top to form the sort of "bulb" shape. Once a few layers of this was done, a soldiering iron was used at the top and down the back to carve the lines.

Mod Podge was used to seal it, and cotton wool was also stippled on to create a rough texture. Once sealed it was spray painted white, then a tan colour.

Finally, multiple layers of colours were applied all over the body to replicate the horrid skin like appearence, black was added to the "feet" and spikes and finally, red and black was painted on the tendrils for the infection form's defining feature.

Halo 3 Flood Infection Form Prop

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