Voltron Legendary Defenders: Keith's Bayard

Voltron Keiths Bayard Prop

For my friend's birthday, since she made me an awesome shirt, I returned the gesture and made her Keith's red bayard from Voltron: Legendary Defenders.

The model came from ItsTimaiFool from Thingiverse, which I then adjusted in Blender to add the indentation into the grip. Using Cura and my CR10S, it was printed out in two halfs.

The first print came out warped, and learning from this, the second half was printed with a raft which resolved the issue. The two parts were epoxied together and foam scraps + car bog was used to fill in the gaps from warps. After doing this, another issue presented itself - the indentations I created were not perfectly centered, which meant the grip didn't line up properly. This was fixed by spending time Dremeling, filing and sanding the edges of the indentation to make both halves line up.

Once the major mismatches were dealt with, the piece was sanded and filler primed multiple times to remove seam and layer lines. It was sanded down to 800 grit wet sand. After that, the part was primed white.

In the past I have had little success with my airbrush, but since I wanted a smooth paint job with the bayard, I cleaned it again and gave it another go - this time with success! The red sections were painted first, then those and the white parts masked off to paint the dark grey. Once all dry, the bayard was varnished a couple of times to protect the paint. Unfortunately the varnish was very dense, even after leaving the can in warm water for a while, so the first layer was very uneven. The second layer was still rough, but even, and although this wasn't my intention, I liked the texture it had (it gave the bayard more grip), so I kept it.

Voltron Keiths Bayard Prop

Voltron Keiths Bayard Prop

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