Wasteland Props and Halo Armour for Sale

Hiya folks! I’m looking to sell off some of my props to make room for new projects (and so I don’t have to sleep with props on my bed anymore). I’m selling these pretty cheap and shipping quotes will be made upon request. If you want any more info, such as dimensions or closeups, let me know. Pieces are mostly made from EVA foam, except for the Nerf gun. The Halo armour isn’t finished but only requires to be sealed and painted.

I’m willing to ship overseas but Australian sales will be accepted first. To contact me, send an email to or send through a DM on Instagram, @planetalexanderprojects

Prices, in $AUD:
Halo Mark VI pieces (biceps and handplates) – $45
                Mask - $20
                Knife -$ 20
                Armguard - $20
                Sword - $45

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