Digital Environments

Designing and creating digital environments has become a hobby of mine alongside prop and costume fabrication. I love being able to tell a story simply by what is included in a scene and how it is all narratively intertwined.

I have created a few published maps in Valve’s Hammer Editor based on their own Source Engine. This has allowed me to use assets from a universe I already love and use them to retell stories from a whole new perspective, to then share with other like-minded fans.

I also create environments within Blender, where I have complete control over lighting, assets, post processing and composition.

Half Life 2 The Antagonist’s Story: Nova Prospekt Cinematic Render (2021) | Steam Workshop | Steam Workshop (VR)
Fallout: New Vegas The Divide Animation (2021)
Half Life 2 The Antagonist’s Story: Nova Prospekt Map (2020) | Steam Workshop | Steam Workshop (VR)
Halo: Combat Evolved Magnum Photogrammetry and Animation (2020)
Half Life 2 An Antagonist’s Story: Anticitizen One Map (2018) | Steam Workshop