Dog Fursuit Mascot Head Foam Patterns

Dog Fursuit Mascot Head Foam Patterns Costume

With these patterns, you can create a dog fursuit or mascot head!

The pattern is designed to be used with a light foam (such as upholstery foam) and primarily serves as a base design for you to build off of. Add and subtract from the base form to create your head how you desire.

Included files are a PDF (A4 and Letter) of the patterns and a ReadMe file with tips for scaling and construction. Only foam patterns are included; however, these can be adapted into sewing patterns.

Patterns have been simplified since these photos were taken to reduce the number of pieces required for cutting/gluing, without sacrificing its shape. For my demonstration, I used a “medium” density upholstery foam 25mm/1 inch thick, and required roughly 1.25m/1m^2 or 4.1ft/3.3ft^2 of material at default scale.

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