Halo Combat Evolved Grunt Cosplay Puppet

Halo Combat Evolved Grunt Puppet Cosplay

A three year dream come true. In November of 2022 at the Supanova comic convention in Brisbane, I finally got to debut my Halo Combat Evolved Grunt Cosplay Puppet!

Named “Grunther”, the puppet is made from foam, plush sections and 3D printed parts, with almost everything originally designed inside of Blender. He’s the smallest cannonical scale (~138cm or 4.5′), which still makes him scarily large.

Upgrades are currently being performed before his encore appearance at Gold Coast Supanova 2023. You can read more about the making of this puppet by clicking the link above! There I go into a lot more detail, including research, trial and error, and future plans.

Photos by @rmh1989 and @pithhelmetcosplays