Hey there! I'm Alexander. Australian born and raised, I love to create props, cosplays, as well as get out and explore the real world.

Although I now love to get crazy and see what the world has to offer, growing up as a kid, I played video games all the time. Even when I was meant to be asleep, or when I was banned from the computer. Yea, there was no stopping me. Although sitting on a computer all day playing games is generally seen as a waste of time, most of what I learnt came from it. Economics, geography and history, business, politics and science - I grew up learning so much about what the world was made up of. Then of course, there were the stories. So many great tales of hope, and of course, sorrow. Yet, like any kid, I wanted to live like the characters in the stories we hear.

So that's what I try to do.

Now that doesn't mean I ran away in search for adventure. It means I'm using what I've got to bring some of that fantasy into reality. That's why I love to create props and cosplay, as well as get out and get a little crazy. Hikes, rock wall climbing, aikido, and so on. I don't just try to be the characters I hear of - I try to be my own character. Someone different.

Of course, like the heros in our tales, life ain't always pretty. Just like anyone else, I've been through hell. But instead of letting it get the best of me, I learnt how to deal with the pain I was feeling. These lessons I carry with me everyday so that I can always stand as tall as possible. And these lessons I want to share with you.

I've had a wild life so far, full of highs and lows. But my journey has only just begun. I want to continue to not only find and create stories and bring them to life, but I want to help others create theirs. To help them see every moment of life as worthwhile and make their legacy something they can be proud of.

Welcome to PlanetAlexanderProjects.

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