An Antagonist's Story: Anticitizen One (Hammer)(2018)

An Antagonist's Story: Anticitizen One

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This map, built on Hammer, was a major project that was in development for 6 months, however the idea came to me long before that while experimenting with some other Hammer features. Download links are here:

Steam Workshop (Garry's Mod)

ModDB (Half-Life 2)
"Nova Prospekt is at its knees. The combine have fled to City 17 to resume oppression orders on a larger scale. As a member of the Metropolice, you must join the effort in the cold war. This story takes place in the eyes of a metropolice during the City 17 rebellion. It looks at the other side of the chapter "Anticitizen One"."
The reason this map was in development for so long is because I had thought I had done enough planning, when clearly, I hadn't. I was also over ambitious in what I wanted to accomplish. In this article I will talk about what I had hoped to achieve and some of the mistakes I made, so that you can hopefully learn some things.


I haven't yet had the time to scan pictures of plans and do a full write up, but hopefully soon I will.


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