Jack Skellington Cosplay (2017)

Jack Skellington Cosplay 2017
Jack Skellington Cosplay 2017
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington. Credit to my friend for taking the picture.

This year, Supa Nova will be... OURS!
Another rushed project, and I was quite worried about how this was about to turn out, but... I think it did quite well in the end.



The tux was a suit from an op shop (I love those places) that had pre-sewn stripes, which I used when painting as guidelines. I made it so the jacket had the front sown up to make it look like the cape, to a degree.

The stripes were painted with acryllic paint, and took hours (literally days worth). They look a bit sketchy and grey when up close, but look fine from a distance. The back of the pants had a double layer, and they look really bright in comparison into everything else - I didn't do a double layer for everything because that would mean doubling my time!


The mask is a normal plastic full-face mask. The bottom has been cut out above the lips in a "Phantom of the Opera" style. The mouth was drawn on with either whiteboard marker or permanent marker.

The eyes are two pieces of mesh that have been slightly mis-aligned on purpose to block out my eyes. It took a while to get the shape right. Before they were hot-glued to the mask, the shape of the eyes were coloured in with a black marker underneath.

I did the mask like this because I wanted to be able to talk while my mouth could be seen moving, to make the cosplay more dynamic. It might not be apparent in the picture, but I have black lipstick on underneath. As you can see, the rest of my face is painted white and my hair is comed back and has white spray paint. Many thanks to my sister for doing my cosplay make up.

The bow is quite simple. It's just cardboard cut out to the right shape (smaller than in the film, otherwise it would be too hard to handle). It had a layer of PVA glue to make it stronger. Next, I put gap filler around the outsides to again make it stronger and to, of course, fill in the gaps. The middle part of the bow is two layers to create depth. The entire bow was then spray painted black, and then painted with white stripes and eyes.

To keep it to my neck, I stapled two ends of some elastic I found together, in which I then sowed to the tie.

As you can see, I just used a white t-shirt for my chest. The gloves are something I got from Disneyland when I was six, and somehow they still fit me fine.

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