Headcrab/Lamarr Cosplay (2016)

Half Life 2 Headcrab/Lamaar Cosplay (2016)

In my second year of cosplay, I grew a bit more ambitious. Following my love of the Valve games, I decided to create Lamaar from Half Life 2, along with a bit of a costume for Dr. Isaac Kliener (not shown here).
Hedy Lamarr headcrab cosplay Half Life 2
Hedy Lamarr headcrab cosplay Half Life 2
Hedy Lamarr the headcrab from Half Life 2


I knew for a long time that a bike helmet (one of the smooth, rounded ones) would be the perfect base for Lamaar. It was then suggested that I use expanding foam for the rest of the body - my new love in cosplay.

I started out by sketching the front and back legs in proportion to the helmet on some cardboard. I then used expanding foam to entirely cover it, then when dry, carve it to the right shape with a stanly knife. The same was repeated for the "mouth", which was also carefully sanded to make the grooves. The rest of the limbs were also sanded down to shape with rough sandpaper, then with smooth sandpaper to rid of most of the imperfections.

The helmet was then foam-covered, carved and sanded to make the basis of the body, then sculpted to suit the limbs. This process took a very long time, and had to be redone a few times for the perfect shape. Once that was mostly in shape, using sections of a skewer, I stuck the limbs and mouth on, then glued with PVA. Once dried I then again went around parts, adding foam to carve and sand back to seamlessly join the parts.

Hedy Lamarr headcrab cosplay Half Life 2

To strengthen and protect the foam, I mixed some PVA glue and water, then painted that on to the foam. Once dry, it was time to add the "skin".

The outer layer of Lamaar is gap filler used all around to smoothen, strengthen and shape the body, not to mention eliminate bubbles and add a medium to paint on.

Before painting, though, I used an undercoat to protect the gap filler and any exposed foam. Then it was quite a few rounds with the spray cans.

So there it is; the process of Hedy Lamaar the Headcrab.

Hedy Lamarr headcrab cosplay Half Life 2

Hedy Lamarr headcrab cosplay Half Life 2

Hedy Lamarr headcrab cosplay Half Life 2
Lamarr keeps rockin' on.

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