Man-eating Wreath Prop

The Nightmare Before Chistmas, Man-eating Wreath Prop

Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreath Prop

Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreath Prop
Man-eating Wreath
While watching The Nightmare Before Christmas as a Christmas/Halloween tradition, I was inspired to create so many things from the movie, especially the gifts handed out towards the end of the film. One such gift was the Man-eating Wreath. The varient I created was the one from the film, as opposed to the one from the Disneyland Haunted Mansion (Christmas) ride.


Originally I was going to create the basis of the wreath from scratch, however while shopping for other materials, I found one that worked well.

The eyes are made from expanding foam, which was carved from a messy heap of it. I cut and sanded it down to form the shape of the eyes (based off a template I drew), and rounded off the edges. I have cut a square section in the back so that the eyes can partially sit around the wreath. Next, I gave it a coat of PVA glue mixed with water to protect it from thundercoat. When dry, I gave it two layers of gap filler, trying my best to smoothen the surface. After that, I spray painted it with a white undercoat, and left it at that. I drew the eyes on with a whiteboard marker (which may or may not wipe off in time).

The eyes are attached by bending a wire into a horseshoe like shape, then sticking that in the back of the eyes and holding onto the wreath. The area underneath where the eyes sit have been compressed so they fit better, and a couple of branches of the wreath were bent up to form eyebrows, to make it frown. The wire that is stuck into the back of the eyes will be filled with gap filler to keep it in place.

Man-eating wreath, side on
At the moment, the tentacles, made of tinsel, are held in place with rubber bands or wire - a temporary solution, but will be easily fixed in time. The two outside tentacles simply dangle down, but the two middle ones are bent in place with wire that has been coiled around the tinsel.

After all that, the whole thing has been finished off with a bow.

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