Patterns & 3D Files

Here is a collection of patterns I've made over the years, most free for your use! These are ones I have created when making various props.
To print, if it requires multiple pages, print it using a "poster" style method, such as in the free Adobe Acrobat program. This will allow you to print full scale across multiple pages, to then cut out and assemble.
Only thing I ask is to please remember to give credit. If you do make something here, I'd love to see it! You can share it with me on Instagram or Facebook (@planetalexanderprojects)


Voltron Blade of Marmora Dagger Prop

Fullmetal Alchemist Ed's Spear Prop

Halo Combat Evolved Assault Rifle Prop

Halo Combat Evolved Magnum Prop
(Pattern by THEdanru from the Replica Props Forum, not originally mine)

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