Space Core Cosplay (2015)

Portal 2 Space Core Cosplay

Portal 2 Space Core Cosplay
Space Core cosplay
This was my first cosplay created, the Space Core from Valve's Portal 2. It is a helmet (of sorts) in which you would place your head inside, and look out through the "eye" of the core.


My original Space Core began by using paper mache on an inflated balloon. However, since I didn't do the layering properly, it ended up quite wrinkly. I couldn't of used it even if it wasn't wrinkly, as the shape was completely off.

In the Core you can see above, the shape was based off a cheap lantern we had left over from halloween. Keeping the support mesh inside of it, I again used paper mache around the outside, making sure to alternate the pattern. After a few layers, that was complete. Instead of using one of the two openings of a lantern as a head entry, I used those parts for the sides and cut out my own hole for the head.

After that, I did some measuring and, while trying to keep the scale accurate, I cut out the large hole for the "eye". I then cut the disc in half and stuck them to the top and bottom of the eye socket.

Inside the helmet is bracing formed strips of alternating paper mache, to create a cross shape that bends around the head. It was quite uncomfortable, so I stuffed parts of the helmet with some face and hand towels to cusion it.

Because I had intentionally left the two holes like they were, with some minor trimming I was able to insert two plastic disposable plates on the sides.

Before painting, I added some gap filler around the edges of the eyes, the sides and the bottom to smoothen it and to remove jagged edges.

Portal 2 Space Core Cosplay
Portal 2 Space Core

For the paint, an undercoat was first applied, then white paint, applied by spray paint. When that was dry, I was able to paint on the lines and the sides pure, glossy black by hand.

To be quite honest, I have no idea what the rods on the front are - they are something my dad found for me, so he heated them (they are plastic, I think...) to bend them, then attatched them on with some sort of rod holder. The black paint was applied carefully in the middle of the rods.

The eye of the core is simply just mesh, thin enough that I was easily able to see through it (though I did have limited vield of vision), but also thick enough that it was hard to see into it. Because I wanted the orange iris to be in a perfect circle, I used a template from the internet, sketched it onto some orange paper, and cut it out, however leaving a small amount at the top going around and holding all the pieces together. When the iris was glued on with super glue, I just cut those bits off.

I was nearly done, but no Core would be complete without the Apeture Laboratories logo. That was just an image from the internet, cut out and sticked on.

That concludes my process for the construction of the Space Core.

Portal 2 Space Core Cosplay
Portal 2 Space Core, side on


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