Voltron Blade of Marmora Dagger

Voltron Blade of Marmora Dagger Prop
Voltron Blade of Marmora Dagger Prop
Voltron: Legendary Defenders Blade of Marmora Dagger

This Blade of Marmora dagger fronm Voltron was made for @missymoo.cosplay for her various Keith cosplays. The build is made from EVA foam, with a glowing gem.



Two layers of 8mm EVA foam were cut to shape and glued together with contact cement to form the basic shape of the blade. It was then sanded down with a Dremel to make both sides symmetrical. After that, the edges and the guard were beveled down. The guard was then layered with four pieces of 3mm EVA foam to create the raised parts, and sanded to be flush with the 8mm blade.

Voltron Blade of Marmora Dagger Prop


The gem was created from transparent Worbla, or "Transpart". Firstly, half a gem shape was created from EVA foam and covered in duct tape. A small sheet of Transpart was heated up and pressed over the foam to form the shape. This was done twice to create both sides. Both the inside and outside were sanded to diffuse the light and to try and remove any distortions created by the duct tape seams. The two sides were glued together with super glue and sanded flush. A hole was created in one end to fit the LED.

After that, the Blade of Marmora logo was cut from masking tape and stuck onto the gem. At least three layers of a dark purple paint were applied and the logo then removed. Multiple layers were required to only allow light out from the logo.

Voltron Blade of Marmora Dagger Prop


The handle of the dagger was created with two layers of 8mm foam, while the back was made with 4 layers and carved/sanded down into shape. The top of the handle was cut to allow a white finger light to fit (since at that time I did not have experience with soldering). The top and bottom of this light were covered with 3mm foam to help hide the gap. The handle was then glued to the rest of the blade.

The wrap on the dagger was created from an old fabric (of an unknown type), cut to shape, sanded and stained with coffee to weather it.

The gem was not attached during the sealing/painting process and was added later. All visible seams were covered in a couple of layers of sandable gap filler to smoothen them out. Next, everything was covered in approx. 3 layers of Modge Podge, then wet-sanded to remove the texture.

The dagger was primed with a couple of layers of black spray paint. The blade was carefully (to reduce brush strokes) painted with multiple layers of a metallic silver paint. Some layers were slightly watered down to help reduce brush strokes, however this had the chance of pulling up layers of paint beneath.

The handle was painted with a similar colour to the gem, however due to the black primer, this is hardly visible.

The creaveses of the blade/guard was slightly weathered with watered down black/sienna paint. The edges of the guard were then highlighted with some Rub 'n' Buff. After that the dagger was varnished and the gem inserted, then it was finished!

Voltron Blade of Marmora Dagger Prop

The pattern for the dagger was created by me and is below for free use.
To print, open up in a program that can print in "poster" mode, such as Adobe Acrobat. This will allow the pattern to print across multiple pages without scaling issues.

Questions? Comments? Be sure to leave them below! I always welcome complements, but I love and encourage feedback even more.


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