Wasteland Gun, Sword and Muzzle

Wasteland props and cosplay
Photoshoot of the Wasteland set

These Wasteland props were “quick” projects mainly to develop some skills in creativity (in coming up with new designs) and in painting. I enjoy creating props that look old and tell a story, so what better way to do it than with weapons from a junkyard?

The first weapon is a Nerf Gun mod, taking the Nerf Maverick and painting it to look worn. This mod was also paired with a knife, and the two can be used together to create a ranged/melee firearm.

The second was a close combat weapon, based on a design I found here. So it’s not actually my own design, but I took the basic shape of it and put in some of my own twists. It’s a melee weapon made from a saw, so what other choice did I have then to call it a “sawd”?

Finally, a muzzle was created, mainly because I found the pattern for it and thought it looked awesome.

Wasteland Firearm
Wasteland Nerf Firearm mod
Wasteland firearm with knife attachment

Knife Construction:
The basis of the knife was actually from a failed attempt to create the Voltron Blade of Marmora dagger. It takes the basic shape of it, being made from two sheets of 8mm EVA foam, and I then turned it into a combat knife, creating the [dip in the front] and then beveling the edges. Two rectangular holes were cut from the top of the knife to allow it to be strapped to the gun.

The handle was simply made from two sheets of 8mm foam stuck together with contact cement, then rounded to an ellipse in a shape that would reasonably be able to hold the tang of the blade if it were a real weapon. This was then glued to the blade.

With the two parts assembled, notches needed to be cut/sanded out of the top of the knife to allow the rounded extrusions on the Maverick to fit. Once done, cuts and grooves were cut from the blade to make it look really damaged, while a woodgrain was added to the handle.

Gun modifications
No parts or extensions were added to the Maverick, however the screw holes were filled with epoxy (done badly, however, as it was my first time) and once dry, were filed/sanded down flat, along with the gun’s logos and text. The paint was then scuffed up with sandpaper to allow paint to grab and hold better.

Gun/Knife painting:
The knife was sealed with a few layers of Modge Podge. However, to give texture, it was not wet-sanded smooth. Once dry, both weapons were given a couple of coats of black primer. The knife was then given a black wash with a mop brush to allow it to hold paint better.

All metallic parts of the gun and knife were done by dry brushing metallic paint in multiple layers. Areas, such as the wood on both parts, were masked off to prevent any over-brushing.

The wood texture was made by creating lighter and darker tones of a burnt sienna paint to give it different shades. These were applied to the wooden parts by roughly dabbing the paint onto these parts.

The rust was created using similar paints above, but also by combining it with reds and yellows. These colours of paint were again roughly dabbed on, but in places where water would gather and hence form rust (such as on corners or in grooves).

Everything was varnished and painting was done!
The bandage wrap was created from an unknown type of fabric, cut to shape and then sanded to roughen it up. This was then coffee stained, similar to the Blade of Marmora dagger. This bandage can be wrapped around the gun’s barrel’s base and around the holes if the knife to tie the two together.

The gun handle was wrapped with faux leather strips and sanded down, and the knife handle was wrapped with an old shoelace to look like a rope grip.

Wasteland “Sawd”
Wasteland Saw weapon prop
Wasteland melee "Sawd"

Using the image from here, I took the basic design of the hand saw, metal spine and handle, then added some of my own flair to it. The shape of the saw was cut out of 8mm foam, along with the spine. A small trench was then cut/sanded to allow a wooden dowel to sit inside, adding support to the prop. This was then glued in place with contact cement and PVA glue. The handle was created in a similar fashion and glued on.

The edge of the weapon was beveled and then notches were cut to form the points. Chipped edges were added along the saw spine and the metal spine, but I then decided to cut a rough chunk from the blade to make it look even more damaged. It’s likely not realistic, but I think it still looks alright.

Attached to the bottom of the handle is a sheet of 3mm foam, cut and shaped to look as if it was off, say, a car muffler. 3mm foam was also used to create metal straps that wrapped around the saw and spine to hold everything together. These were also then chipped.

For the nuts and bolts, because plastic ones could not be found, metal ones were used. They were first sanded to allow for paint. Holes were cut in the foam and the bolts were screwed in, attaching the nuts on the other side. These were all superglued in place. Before doing all this, a test piece of foam was used to make sure the weight of the metal would not tear or distort the foam.

Everything was sealed in a couple of layers of Modge Podge. I attempted to add a rust texture by using a rough brush and dab the Modge Podge on, but it kept leveling out before it could dry. Salt was planned to be used however I ran out of time to test it.

After sealing, the weapon was primed with a couple of layers of black primer, then was also given a couple of layers of a wash.

Once dry, everything was given multiple layers of metallic dry brushing, minus the handle as it was to be wrapped. The saw was not given as many layers as the rest as it was to be covered in a rust texture.

The rustic texture was applied the same was as to the gun/knife, however with many more shades and layers. This texture was also applied to the rest of the weapon, just not so heavily.

The handle was wrapped with black and yellow electrical tape to give it some more colour. This was then sanded down and slightly weathered with a bright sienna colour to look like sand.

Once again, after a couple of layers of varnish, the prop was finished.

Wasteland Muzzle
The pattern for the muzzle was created by Kamui Cosplay and can be found here. I cut out the pieces from 3mm foam, then beveled and stuck them together as instructed. Everything was heat sealed before moving straight onto painting. Firstly, a couple of black wash layers were added to allow the next layers of paint to grab better. Painting colours and techniques similar the wood effect of the gun/knife were used to create a leather look.

Once dry, cross stitches were painstakingly sewn on over all the seams (but well worth it). The back of the seams were hot glued for strength and to prevent the stitches from becoming undone.

Finally, the muzzle was sealed with a couple of layers of Modge Podge as I felt the paint would likely wear off quickly. This also helped to keep the stitches stuck down.

After that, the wasteland weapons were complete! I then did a quick photoshoot with my sister to showcase all items.

Questions? Comments? Be sure to leave them below! I always welcome complements, but I love and encourage feedback even more.


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