Yoshimitsu's Sword Prop

Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection, Yoshimitsu's Sword Prop

Yoshimitsu's Sword Prop
Tekken 5: DR Yoshimitsu's Sword

This sword is the first of hopefully quite a few prop weapons. It's Yoshimitsu's Sword from Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection, and is going to be a part of my upcoming cosplay. The sword is based upon Yoshimitsu's skeleton pallete swap.


This process had me using expanding foam to construct the body. While it didn't turn out too badly, I've learnt a much more efficient and cleaner way to contruct the body out of foam, which I will use for future projects.

To start off with, I cut the entire shape of the sword out of cardboard. Then, when using the expanding foam, I tried to keep the cardboard upright - however, during the expanding/drying process of the foam, the cardboard got angled, which made carving later difficult.

After I got the general shape of the sword, I drew lines about where the spine of the cardboard is on both sides. I also drew lines on the other two sides at about where the middle is, so that I had a diamond shape to carve/sand back to. Unfortunately, during this process, the cardboard became exposed, which could not be sanded. I had to roughly cut it back with the Stanley knife.

Once I had sanded it all to the best it could be, I carefully wrapped the handle and the blade with a couple of layers of paper mache. This helped make it all stronger, it made the surface smoother, and it helped sharpen and define the edges of the blade.

Next, I did a couple of layers on each side of the blade with gap filler, as well as a small amount on the edge of the blades to help define the sharp edge. Once that was all dry, I painted the gap filler and the base of the handle with white primer spray paint. On top of that, I coated the blade with a couple layers of glossy white enamel paint (which was a happy accident) and the handle with black matte paint so that if the vinyl straps had gaps, it would still look dark.

Once dry, it was onto the handle. I picked up some dark brown/black vinyl straps and cut them into thin strips. Firstly, I made the loops down the bottom and stuck them onto the base of the handle, and wrapped around them onto the handle is some more vinyl. All of the vinyl was glued with PVA glue and pinned while drying. While the loops were drying, I carefully wrapped the strips around the handle, being careful to not leave any gaps. Because there are multiple straps that make up the handle, later on I decided to pin the starts down permanently with flat-top pins. When I completed the handle, I glued and pinned the outside layer of the loops. I left it to dry over night, and removed the pins the next day.

Yoshimitsu's Sword Prop
Tekken 5: DR Yoshimitsu's Sword

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