Fallout New Vegas NCR Ranger Cosplay

Fallout New Vegas Divide Cosplay and Environment

This build was purely meant for fun, to be something created in my spare time – no due date, and one that I would update over the course of time. It was also importan

t to make it easy/comfortable to wear, be easily transportable, and lightweight.

To make this cosplay different from other Rangers, I did two things:

  1. This set is based on the Advanced Riot Gear, found in The Divide amongst the fallen NCR Rangers
  2. Jam pack it full of references. It has nods to other aspects of the game itself, as well as Life of Brian, Cowboy Bebop, Linkin Park and chemistry
  3. Cel shading! Different tones for each colour were used, outlined with black to give it the comic book look

Most of it is built from EVA foam, with a few printed accessories too (such as the Poker themed bandolier). The helmet, forearm and chestplate patterns came free from Ashen Warrior Props, with files that can be found on his site here. I then modified them as I needed to suit the Advanced Riot Gear that can be found in The Divide.

To go along with the cosplay, I built a Divide-inspired environment within Blender. This was created using custom textures and models, 3D scanned models, and textured/HDRI’s from PolyHaven. I then inseted an image of myself and slightly animated it to help blend in.